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Marjorie Traitor Greene, Embarrassing Herself, Her State, Her District And Our Country

She. Is. So. Stupid!

A fine art print by Hugh Brown.

Marjorie Traitor Greene has continued calling for a “national divorce.” I think that divorce should start with the northwest Georgia counties that voted to send her to Washington: Paudling (61.4%), Floyd (66.8%), Whitfield (69.9%), Catoosa (74.7%), Walker (76.2%), Gordon (78.8%), Polk (77.0%), Murray (83.8%), Chatooga (77.3%) and Dade (79.8%). The only other county, or part of a county, in her district is Cobb, which voted 66.5% against her. So they should be able to stay in the U.S.

You may remember that when the Republicans won back the majority in 2022, McCarthy decided to put Traitor Greene— who had been banned from committees in a massive bipartisan vote after numerous displays of vile behavior— on the House Oversight Committee. James Comer was tasked with making sure she behaved. The problem, of course, is that she doesn’t know how to behave. She’s also on 3 subcommittees: Cybersecurity, Information Technology and Government Innovation; Government Operations and the Federal Workforce; and a select subcommittee that was, in part, created to pacify her and other extremist nuts like Ronny Jackson (R-TX), Rich McCormick (R-GA), Michael Cloud (R-TX) and Debbie Lesko (R-AZ)— the Coronavirus Pandemic.

That one had a meeting yesterday and she had an opportunity to perform. She’s a truly disgusting wretch of a human being. When Dr. Peter Marks, an FDA official said that “It’s estimated in the United States about 3.2 million lives [were saved] and it’s estimated, globally, that COVID-19 vaccines saved over 14 million lives, conservatively,” she went nuts, beginning her schpiel with an admission that she’s “not a doctor but I have a PhD in recognizing bullshit when I hear it.” She then spent 5 minutes vomitting out conspiracy theories and misinformation, refusing to allow the witnesses to rebut her nonsense.

Robert Garcia (D-CA), a former Republican, now a Democrat, who regularly tangles with her was up next. And he was prepared. He began with an apology to the witnesses: “I’m sorry you all had to go through that. That was a lot of conspiracy theories and wild accusations that have been debunked by medical science." He then proceeded to debunk everything she said:

On Wednesday, a British journalist asked her to comment of UK Foreign Secretary— Conservative Party former Prime Minister— plea to members of Congress to help provide Ukraine with defense capabilities. Her ignorance and boorishness exploded onto the international stage. Cameron tried explaining how another Conservative Party Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, had tried to appease Hitler’s aggressiveness instead of standing up to him. I learned about that in high school. Traitor Greene apparently didn’t and lashed out at Cameron for comparing her to Hitler, which, of course, he didn’t do and wasn’t what his story was about. But she’s a moron and has trouble following ideas that are even vaguely abstract. You’ve got to watch this thing yourself; I’m sure people all over the world are getting an introduction of the biggest jackass in the U.S. Congress.

She later told a reporter from The Independent that “I really could care less what Lord Cameron has to say. I just don't care.  And number two, he was calling us Hitler and calling us horrible names and that is extremely rude and he needs to stop making that association. He needs to consider what he’s actually saying. So I just don't care. He really needs to worry about his country. I think over there, they're having all kinds of problems, they’re entering a recession. They need to worry about their problems and leave our country alone.”

Her next high level performance will be in the Senate where she gets to act as a prosecutor in the Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment trial. One of MAGA Mike’s more entertaining moves. She’s a notorious anti-Semite and Mayorkas is Jewish so this is going to be interesting


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Feb 16

And to think that when trump's reich commences, she's likely to be made secretary of state... if not vice fuhrer.

she's not an outlier. she's the loudest of the new guard. and americans elect this shit.

believe me when I tell you this: the rest of the world has no illusions about just how fucking stupid and evil americans are. all they have to do is look at who we elect and what we force them to deal with.

the only population in the educated world that is oblivious to this is us/US.

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