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Marco Rubio-- Working Class Hero?

Many Big Business interests have stopped giving money to a Republican Party that has re-oriented itself into a more right-populist, fascist-leaning, delusional Trump-centric party. Tomorrow, according to a report from Axios today, Rubio will address the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando and call on the GOP to "break up" with Big Business, presumably the parts of Big Business that have already broken up with the GOP. The is particularly ironic for Rubio-- the most manicured politician in Congress-- who has been a creature of businessmen for his entire political career and has assiduously served the interests of Big Business both in the Florida House and then in the U.S. Senate.

Last time Rubio ran for the Senate his biggest single donors were the Club for Growth, which gets most of it's money from Big Business, hedge fund crook Elliott Management, Goldman Sachs, the Blackstone Group and Florida Crystals, the country's biggest sugar conglomerate, which also happens to own Rubio. He has always delivered in spades for his Big Business contributors. And now he wants the GOP to be a working class party (like himself)? Axios reported that "He's using this speech to differentiate himself from traditional economic conservatism by branding himself as a leading proponent of the working class." And who's supposed to fall for that nonsense?

As Alan Grayson, who is running for Rubio's Senate seat, told me this evening, "A leopard can’t change its spots, and an elephant can’t change its trunk. Rubio is HARD hard-right-- always has been, always will be. If you actually listen to the things that Rubio says, you realize that in his own way, he’s just as nuts as Trump."

Axios was given an advance copy of Rubio's speech, "We Need Corporate Patriotism to Defeat American Marxism," no doubt at Rubio's request. Among the points he's hoping to drive home:

  • "There would be a lot less craziness in America’s corporations if the people voting their shares were actually firefighters and teachers, rather than their union bosses or Wall Street."

  • "Promising to cut more regulations and corporate taxes will garner the applause of campaign donors and glowing coverage in media outlets focused on the stock market."

  • "But it leaves millions of hard-working Americans who do not want a 'woke' socialist America with no voice in our politics, and no answers to their problems."

The DSCC recruited a Big Zero as the Democratic establishment candidate, 100% unaccomplished, waste-of-a-seat Val Demings, who has less of a chance to beat Rubio than you or I do. This will be Jamie Harrison II. She will suck up tens of millions of dollars that will enrich campaign consultants and have no impact on an uninspiring message-less joke of a race race. If there is a blue wave-- there won't be-- the DSCC hope she can win. Otherwise, contributing to her or any of the SuperPACs financing her are a complete waste of effort and resources. Between January 1 and September 30, she had already taken in $13,508,251.91, $8.4 million of it in the 3rd quarter-- a tragic waste of money.

Rubio will also talk about "how to take power away from big institutional shareholders that use regular retirees’ savings to push 'woke' policies at corporations by voting in corporate elections on their behalf." Axios added that "He'll argue the solution is that institutional shareholders transmit the votes of their clients-- like the firefighters and teachers he described-- instead of casting votes on their behalf.

Other speakers at the conference include presidential wannabes Ted Cruz (TX) and Josh Hawley (MO) plus billionaire neo-Nazi Peter Thiel with some of his menagerie of invented candidates like JD Vance of Ohio.

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