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Many People Have Noticed That Josh Gottheimer's Modus Operandi Is As Slimy & Dishonest As Trump's

Pelosi staffers aren't supposed to talk to me, not even off the record. That doesn't stop all of them and a couple of weeks ago one mentioned that Pelosi's skin crawls when Josh Gottheimer is in her proximity. Who would have guessed! DWT has been covering Gottheimer since he slithered into Congress as the lesser evil against GOP crackpot Scott Garrett in 2016. Previously a junior Clintonista, he worked as an executive VP at the world's biggest corporate p.r./crisis management firm, Burson-Marsteller, where he honed his skills as a slick, professional liar (and an all-around asshole). By mid-2019, we had already dubbed him the worst Democrat in Congress, having watched him as he assiduously worked with Kyrsten Sinema, Collin Peterson and Henry Cuellar to undermine Democratic positions and progressive policy.

Gottheimer takes more more in bribes from Wall Street than any other member of Congress. Since 2016 Wall Street has given him $3,326,356 (not counting this quarter and not counting the massive amounts Wall Street launders into his career through third parties like No Labels). Wall Street has bet more on Gottheimer-- and in a far shorter amount of time-- than even on Kevin McCarthy, their top GOP patsy. He is well-known as the banksters' bag man on Congress. Among his top campaign contributors are predator banksters Blackstone, Apollo Global Management, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Pelosi was supportive enough of his endeavors to give him a place on the House Financial Services committee, where he represents the Republican wing of the Democratic Party and spends all of his time selling his services to the companies the committee is supposed to oversee. One very senior chief of staff told me that, "hands down, he is the most hated Democrat in Congress... widely reviled by the whole caucus."

Last year Gottheimer raised $7,694,027-- almost entirely from his corporate donors-- and at the end of the election cycle, he had $8,349,098 cash on hand, two million more than Pelosi and the 5th biggest amount of anyone in the House! Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) have raised more because each is preparing for Senate elections.

Yesterday, Aris Folley, writing for The Hill, reported that Gottheimer and fellow pro-plutocrat Blue Dog Stephanie Murphy went after Pelosi late Friday for not bringing the conservative infrastructure package to the floor for a vote this week, despite past assurances made to the uber-corrupt Republican wing of the Democratic Party, which had maneuvered her into agreeing to do so. This is the statement the manipulative p.r. pro posted on Twitter yesterday:

Gottheimer and Murphy "took aim at Pelosi for again pushing back a vote on the package," which was part of the strategy to kill the popular social spending bill that the Blue Dogs and No Labels oppose. At Sinema's suggestion, Gottheimer and Murphy had made a deal with Pelosi in August to give them a date-certain agreement to put the conservative hard infrastructure bill on the floor in return for Blue Dog backing the budget resolution for the larger social spending plan (Senate reconciliation). Gottheimer claimed that "a small far left faction of the House of Representatives undermined that agreement and blocked a critical vote," apparently forgetting that the Blue Dog Coalition has just 19 members, all corrupt conservatives like Kurt Schrader (OR), Henry Cuellar (TX), Ed Case (HI), Lou Correa (CA), Jim Cooper (TN), Vicente Gonzalez (TX), Jim Costa (CA), Abigail Spanberger (VA), Jared Golden (ME), Tom O'Halleran (AZ), as well as Gottheimer and Murphy. Meanwhile, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has close to 100 members and includes many of Congress' most respected and even beloved members, like chair Pramila Jayapal (WA), deputy chair Katie Porter (CA), Barbara Lee (CA), Jamie Raskin (MD), Ro Khanna (CA), Cori Bush (MO), Marie Newman (IL), Ayanna Presley (MA), Jerry Nadler (NY), Mondaire Jones (NY), Ilhan Omar (MN), Joe Neguse (CO), Rashida Tlaib (MI), Karen Bass (CA), Ted Lieu (CA), Ruben Gallego (AZ), Jim McGovern (MA) and of, course, both AOC and Bernie. Gottheimer doesn't;'t understand that they represent the Democratic Party, not him and his detested bankster-supported cabal of corporate whores and DINOs.

And, as you can see, Murphy's statement was even more vicious and just as deceptive. That's interesting because Pelosi has bent over backwards to accommodate Murphy and give her a seat at the table and treat her like an adult and a good faith negotiator on all things. She attends the Speaker's regular inner circle strategy and policy sessions and her perspective is always taken as though she represents a beg wing of the Democratic Party instead of 19 misanthropic Republicans with "D's" next to their names (and "F"s next to their voting records). Right now the Florida Republican Party's state legislative wing is working on a gerrymander to deprive Murphy of her seat. Good!

UPDATE: The Odious Sinema Pipes Up

Since the "date certain" scam for Gottheimer was Sinema's idea, no one was surprised today when she put out her own deranged and dishonest statement denouncing the way Pelosi and Biden maneuvered out of it. But remember what I've been saying since the idea of this reconciliation bill was first floated: as horrible as he is, Manchin is a rational player who can be negotiated with. Sinema is psychotic and cannot be dealt with as a rational player. She is perfectly capable of tanking Biden's whole domestic agenda just because. This is a truly dangerous crackpot, placed in the Senate by one person: Chuck Schumer, who recruited her, cleared the field for her and financed her. And he didn't do it despite the fact that she was chair of the Blue Dogs and had the most Republican voting record in the House, but because of those factors.

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