Is Trump Offering Bribes To People To Help Him With Coup, Part II... Or To Not Testify Against Him?

Over the weekend, at his Texas super-spreader event, Trump very publicly telegraphed the people subpoenaed to testify about his role in planning the coup and insurrection that he will pardon them if he gets back into the White House if they don't snitch. One of the witnesses who potentially would have the most to share is former chief of staff, Mark Meadows who has, so far, been semi-cooperative but who hasn't sold Trump down the river. This morning Jonathan Allen reported that Trump's shady Save America PAC-- which is pretty cheap about contributions-- gave Meadow's right-wing political organization, Conservative Partnership Institute, a tax deductible million dollars.

Trump's shady PAC contributed to 69 candidates-- supporters of his Big Lie-- but "the contribution to Meadows' nonprofit," wrote Allen, "stands out both for its size and for its timing. On July 1, the House voted to establish a select committee to investigate the Capitol attack. Trump's PAC donated to the Conservative Partnership Institute, which bills itself as a training ground for conservative staff and elected officials, on July 26."

The PAC's largest contribution to a candidate, $10,000, went to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who has been a guide to Trump in navigating Texas's Republican primary politics. Most of the donations were made in $5,000 increments, and they went to most of the candidates Trump has endorsed.
Recipients of "Save America" checks include several candidates running for statewide offices, including secretary of state and attorney general, that have influence over the administration of elections. For example, Trump gave $5,000 to Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem, a secretary of state candidate who has called for the decertification of the 2020 election, and a matching amount to Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA), who voted against certifying the election and is now running for secretary of state in Georgia.
Arizona and Georgia were the states decided by the smallest margins in 2020.
The PAC's contributions to Senate candidates included a donation to Republican Herschel Walker, the former University of Georgia and professional football star who played for Trump's team in the defunct USFL, the New Jersey Generals. And on the House side, Trump gave to Harriet Hageman, who is running a primary challenge to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY). Cheney voted to impeach Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 attack and is one of two Republicans sitting on the committee investigating it.

These were Trump's contributions, in order of disbursement:

  • Anna Paulina Luna (FL)- $5,000

  • August Pfuger (TX)- $5,000

  • Beth Van Duyne (TX)- $5,000

  • Gus Bilirakis (FL)- $5,000

  • John Boozman (AR)- $5,000

  • Byron Donalds (FL)- $5,000

  • Chuck Fleischmann (TN)- $5,000

  • Michael Cloud (TX)- $5,000

  • Rick Crawford (AR)- $5,000

  • Diana Hashbarger (TN)- $5,000

  • Elise Stefanik (NY)- $5,000

  • Pat Fallon (TX)- $5,000

  • Chuck Grassley (IA)- $5,000

  • Harriet Hageman (WY)- $5,000

  • Joe Kent (WA)- $5,000

  • John Carter (TX)- $5,000

  • John Gibbs (MI)- $5,000

  • John Kennedy (LA)- $5,000

  • Julia Letlow (TX)- $5,000

  • Kelly Tshibaka (AK)- $5,000

  • Lauren Boebert (CO)- $5,000

  • Adam Laxalt (UT)- $5,000

  • Marco Rubio (FL))- $5,000

  • Matt Rosendale (MT)- $5,000

  • Max Miller (OH)- $5,000

  • Michael McCaul (TX)- $5,000

  • Michael Burgess (TX)- $5,000

  • Michael Waltz (FL)- $5,000

  • Mike Crapo (ID)- $5,000

  • Mo Brooks (AL)- $5,000

  • Alex Mooney (WV)- $5,000

  • Moran (KS)- $5,000

  • Rand Paul (KY)- $5,000

  • Roger Williams (TX)- $5,000

  • Steve Carra (MI)- $5,000

  • Herschel Walker (GA)- $5,000

  • Ted Budd (NC)- $5,000

  • Ronny Jackson (TX)- $5,000

  • Tim Scott (SC)- $5,000

  • Derrick Van Orden (WI)- $5,000

  • Ryan Zinke (MT)- $5,000

  • Anthony Kern (AZ)- $5,000

  • Bill Lee (TN)- $5,000

  • Angela Rigas (MI)- $5,000

  • Jackie Eubanks (MI)- $5,000

  • Rachelle Smit (MI)- $5,000

  • Conservative Partnership Institute- $1,000,000

  • Jon Rocha (MI)- $5,000

  • Kevin Rathbun (MI)- $5,000

  • Mick Bricker (MI)- $5,000

  • Dan Cox (MD)- $5,000

  • Dawn Buckingham (TX)- $5,000

  • Matt Maddock (MI)- $5,000

  • Mike Detmer (MI)- $5,000

  • Jody Hice (GA)- $7,000

  • Henry McMaster (SC)- $5,000

  • Charles Herbster (NE)- $5,000

  • Janice McGeachin (ID)- $5,000

  • Jonathan Lindsey (MI)- $5,000

  • Kari Lake (AZ)- $5,000

  • Ken Paxton (TX)- $5,000

  • Kevin Sparks (TX)- $5,000

  • Kristina Karamo (MI)- $5,000

  • Mark Finchem (AZ)- $5,000

  • Matthew Deperno (MI)- $5,000

  • David Perdue (GA)- $5,000

  • Pete Flores (TX)- $5,000

  • Ryan Guillen (TX)- $5,000

  • Dan Patrick (TX)- $10,000

  • Wendy Rogers (TX)- $5,000

You notice that one of these contributions is different from the others, right?

No contributions for Mike Pence though. In fact 2 top Pence aides, chief of staff Marc Short and general counsel Greg Jacob, have already testified at the select committee under oath. The next Trump PAC contribution may well be for state Rep. Russel Fry, who Trump just announced he's backing against Rep. Tom Rice, one of the House Republicans who voted to impeach him or, as Señor Trumpanzee put it so eloquently, "the coward who abandoned his constituents by caving to Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Left." Fry is one of 11 Republicans primarying Rice, most of them Trumpist crackpots with ho chance to win anything. My guess, though, is that Mark McBride, who was favored by the local Myrtle Beach fascists, is pretty suicidal about now.