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Is The Word "Reinstated" Trending?

Sometimes I flip MSNBC on before falling asleep. Last night was one of those times and the video above is what I saw-- Rachel Maddow warning about the possibility of a second American civil war, or at least that's how I interpreted what she was saying. She said "I’m not trying to be scary about this, but I find the place we are in here to be scary." What was scary is that Trump supporters are being told that Trump is going to be "reinstated" in August-- and since most Trump supporters have very low IQs with limited ability for critical thinking, we could be facing a significant problem.

"What do we expect them to do? What wouldn’t they do? What does this lead to? When a major political party starts indulging this kind of stuff? It doesn’t end up in anything that looks like politics. That is a road that ends in a very bad place and we are way down that road already."

I wonder if Martha McSally (R-AZ) and David Perdue (R-GA) have to say about Trump saying they're going to be reinstated too. With the QAnon Ninja Turtle Fascist recount team determined to claim the Arizona vote was fraudulent, it really will be interesting to see what McSally says. An Arizona Republic OpEd this morning explains the bizarre new developments. EJ Montini wrote that "The Arizona Republic’s Jen Fifield reports that the Republicans who run the Arizona Senate, and who control this fiasco, turned over your precious voter information to some dude you never heard of who supposedly spirited copies of that data to a 'secure lab' in Montana. It sounds like the movie pitch for a mash-up between All the President’s Men and Friday the 13th. Only it’s real... [A] guy named Ben Cotton has copies of the county’s election server and other election data and has driven them to Montana. Add to this insanity the fact that organizers decided to hire a movie director to make a documentary of the sham audit, and picked a man who previously produced a documentary claiming the 9/11 attack was actually part of a conspiracy that involved space aliens. Was E.T. a member of ISIS? The film crew has been given access to the process. As reported in the Arizona Mirror, the filmmaker who made that kooky 'documentary' is working off a conspiracy theory about the election espoused by Trump cultist and former CEO Patrick Byrne, whose tax exempt 501(c)(4) organization is raising money to fund the fraudit. There really is no limit to the crazy."

Keep in mind that all this is happening after Republican Senate President Karen Fann, who OK’d the farce, supposedly told Republican Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates that she knew there was no problem with the election.
Gates said that last November, responding to pro-Trump voters clamoring about conspiracies, Fann telephoned him to ask a favor.
According to Gates, who has begged fellow Republicans to call out the sham for what is, “She (Fann) said, ‘Look, Bill, we know there’s nothing to this, but we’ve got to do something, will you guys do an audit?’ ”
Instead, Fann hired a firm with no experience in election audits, Cyber Ninjas, also headed by a Trump-loving conspiracy buff, to run the election audit.
Then they tried to keep the media out. Then brought in purely partisan counters, including a former legislator who was at the Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection. Then worked with individuals connected to the conspiracy quacks affiliated with QAnon.
By the way, there are no independent observers or media at the so-called “secure lab” in Montana, where your data is.
I recall a comedian doing a bit once about what it would be like if space aliens landed at a drive-in theater that was playing a Monty Python film and believed it was a documentary.
Now, I figure they’d say, “We must be in Arizona.”

Does anyone have a phone number for Antifa? An e-mail address? It looks like America is going to need them again... this summer. And by the way, when does Kyrsten Sinema start to understand that none of this would be happening if she and Manchin weren't giving the Senate Republicans absolute veto power?

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