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Is Funding Anti-Semitism The Same As BEING An Anti-Semite? I Wonder What AIPAC Says

Crooked philanthropist Larry Mizel-- funder of anti-Semitism?

When I first heard of AIPAC, in the late 1960s, it was a non-partisan group that seemed to lean heavily towards the Democrats. A lot has changed since then and today AIPAC-- which has refused to register as a lobbying organization for a foreign political party (Israel's Lkud)-- may still publicly claim some semblance of bipartisanship but has slowly turned into just another ugly Republican front operation. After starting its own SuperPAC, United Democracy Project, last year, AIPAC began a very sophisticated laundering operation that collected millions of dollars in Republican cash and uses it on behalf of conservatives running in Democratic primaries, some, like Robert Garcia in Long Beach, are actual Republicans pretending to be Democrats in blue areas.

As of the last FEC filing deadlines (so not up to date), AIPAC had spent $5,395,732 in favor of conservative Democrats and $4,361,789 against progressive Democrats. They have spent Zero in GOP primaries. The AIPAC organization itself gave United Democracy Project $8,500,000 so far this cycle, almost all of it from rich Republicans. Other contributors are conservative corporate entities, the biggest coming from:

  • Haim Saban- $1,000,000

  • Linda Rubin- $500,000

  • Portage Partners (Michael Leffell)- $500,000

  • Capital Group Companies (Phil de Toledo and Victor Kohn)- $500,000

  • Linden Capital Partners- $250,000

  • Glenuna Investments- $200,000

  • Altopass- $120,000

  • Greensky (One of Barry Loudermilk's top funders)- $100,000

  • MDC Holdings- $100,000

  • NCH Capital- $100,000

The checks are written by conservative Jewish businessmen, like NCH Capital's George Rohr, a GOP mega-donor. Rohr, for example, is one of Marco Rubio's biggest backers, and like all super-rich criminal types, calls himself a "philanthropist." He made millions exploiting privatization opportunities in the former Soviet Union after it collapsed. His charity is almost entirely Jewish-oriented-- like the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute which has established over 150 charade houses on campuses across the U.S.

MDC Holdings (the Mizel Development Corporation), founded by notoriously crooked Jewish philanthropist Larry Mizel, is a home construction company headquartered in Denver. It also owns Richmond American Homes, the American Homes Insurance Agency, the American Home Title and Escrow Company and the American Home Mortgage Corporation. Mizel has given major amounts of money to the Simon Wiesenthal Center (of which he is a co-founder), the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem (of which he is a co-founder) and Denver's Mizel Museum and its Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL). Mizel is also on the AIPAC board of directors and served as chairman of the Trump campaign's Colorado finance committee. Mizel has given immense amounts of money to fund politicians like Trump, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, Ken Buck, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell... and millions to GOP committees like the RNC, the Republican Jewish Coalition, the Colorado Republican Party and teh secretive dark money group, Western Tradition Partnership. Mizel and his companies were found guilty of laundering campaign contributions, illegally reimbursing political contributions from employees to right-wing politicians. So of course Mizel is funding the United Democracy Project, universally considered the most vicious political operatives in the current election cycle, whose only goal is to defeat progressives on behalf of conservatives. They have spent millions smearing Erica Smith (NC), Summer Lee (PA), Jessica Cisneros (TX), Nida Allam (NC), Nina Turner (OH), Cristina Garcia (CA)... notably all women of color with a pro-working class perspective.

It would be insane to accuse Mizel and any of these Jewish businessmen who run and finance AIPAC of being anti-Semitic, right? Yes, right, but... the Republican Party politicians financed by these gentlemen are blocking the domestic terrorism bill that passed the House, a bill to prevent, among other things, anti-Semitic violence. Marianne Levine and Andrew Desiderio reported this morning that today "Senate Republicans are set to block legislation intended to combat domestic terrorism. And they’re all over the place on whether homegrown extremism even needs more federal attention... As [Marco] Rubio laid out, Republicans have adopted a slippery-slope argument in response to the domestic terrorism bill, contending it could be misused based on ideology to go after political opponents of the party in power. But Democrats are homing in on 'replacement theory'-- a racist far-right rallying cry cited by the Buffalo gunman-- and seeking to use Thursday’s debate as an opening to tackle gun violence after this week’s Texas school massacre, a clear attempt to squeeze the GOP for its anticipated filibuster." Replacement theory has always been about JEWS replacing Christians, from the Dulles brothers and Nixon importing post WWII Eastern European Nazis into New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Indiana to balance the "Jewish vote" to the Charlottesville "Jews will not replace us" neo-Nazi chants to...

Greg Lopez, the Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate who made a lot of noise recently about ending democracy by banning "one man, one vote," is also an anti-Semite (as well as a homophobic fanatic). A friend of philanthropist Mizel's? At a GOP debate over the weekend he said he would only consider selecting a fellow Christian as his Lt. Governor (which is illegal, since religious tests are unconstitutional in the U.S.). Lopez: "Choosing your lieutenant governor is one of the most serious decisions that a governor makes out of the chute-- a candidate. So I’m looking for someone that not only believes in my Lord and Savior the way I do, but also that… should something happen to me-- because, really, that’s why you’re selecting the lieutenant governor-- is that if something should happen to me, and I’m not able to fulfill my term, that they are able to carry on the agenda. The agenda that the people truly embrace."

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