In Blue Areas Republican Money Gets Behind Conservatives Against Progressives

We've been talking a lot about how big Republican money is being laundered into Democratic primary campaigns against progressives by right wing Democrats like Mark Mellman (Democratic Majority For Israel), Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson (and dozens of shady SuperPACS they control via No Labels), AIPAC's new SuperPAC, Center Forward... This morning though I came across another case. My sister got this mailer from the Hudson County Republican Party on behalf on putative Democrat Jimmy Davis, the current mayor of Bayonne.

Davis is so reactionary that he makes Joe Manchin look like a liberal. He's a blatantly corrupt Trump-Democrat swimming in a cesspool of racism and misogyny. He's in a tough race with progressive Democrat Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski, the Bayonne City Council President. So he had Jose Arango, slimy chair of the Hudson County Republican Party send this out:

The flier advertises that Ashe-Nadrowski has been endorsed by the SEIU, something that she advertises herself. Conservatives see being endorsed by the SEIU as a negative. Democrats, of course, she it as a positive. Same with Bernie. He's the most popular politician in the country-- especially with Democrats. Republicans see connecting a candidate to Bernie is a negative. Anyway, the election is a week from today.