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Illinois GOP Senate Candidate: Dan Crenshaw Is A Cockie, Sanctimonious RINO & A Democratic Operative

Did you know that Tammy Duckworth is up for reelection next year? Don't worry, no one else did either. The GOP isn't challenging that Illinois senator who is expected to win reelection in a landslide. In 2016, when she had a real opponent, Mark Kirk, she beat him by close to a million votes, even though Kirk spent over $12 million and had the NRSC and it's allies spend another $5 million helping him. This cycle, Duckworth doesn't have a real opponent, just 3 sad sack vanity candidates-- Timothy Arview, Allison Salinas and Bobby Piton. Arview has reported $780 in contributions to his campaign, $730 of which came from his own bank account. Salinas has raised zero. And Robert "Bobby" Piton has also raised zero. Except last night Piton raised hell-- attacking a right-wing Texas Congressman, Dan Crenshaw, at a Republican fundraiser in Rosemont, Illinois.

Piton got so worked up that he ran to his Facebook page to denounce Crenshaw in an incoherent rant. Writing about himself in the 3rd person, he also asserted that Crenshaw-- a hard right conservative-- is a RINO.

Crenshaw is so sanctimonious, cocky and represents one of many intellectually dishonest Congressmen in our party who don't care about FREEDOM and TRUTH!
Liberty LOVING PATRIOTS in Texas need to find someone to jump in and PRIMARY CRENSHAW!
Before this exchange today (August 11, 2021), Crenshaw was asked if he felt anything was going to happen to help solve the big border crisis we are experiencing. That's when Crenshaw threw the Freedom Caucus under the bus and said that it was THEIR fault we have nothing done on immigration.
We guarantee Kinzinger would never show up to this IL event after going full throttle lunatic. And now we can guarantee Crenshaw will never show his face at a Republican fundraiser again in Illinois once Maricopa drops the MOAB.
TEXAS WAKE UP! You have serious work in store to unseat this dishonest and cocky Democrat operative Rep. Crenshaw.
Bobby Piton has literally combed through millions of election voter data files in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and several other states and helped assist in canvassing efforts in Maricopa, Az even last week after delivering compelling mathematical analysis under oath in front of the Arizona state legislature last November 2020.
It is disgusting to hear denials from a sitting do-nothing and intellectually dishonest Congressman in our House of Representatives. Crenshaw has done nothing but shill for the democrats and refuse to even see or hear the evidence of fraud.
Piton has been in the fire for the last 9 months putting everything on the line working with many states. No way will he be backing down.

I wonder why the NRSC isn't backing Piton. He sounds like half the Republican Party does these days. And I have a feeling the San Francisco Visitors Bureau isn't counting on tourism from people like Bobby Piton. San Francisco may be one of America's biggest tourist attractions-- but not to right-wing conspiracy theorists. And as of August 20, the City by the Bay will make it official: the Bobby Pitons of the world should plan to take their vacations elsewhere... like... how about Mississippi?

Joseph Guzman reported today that starting August 20 San Francisco will "require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for customers and employees for a number of indoor establishments such as restaurants, bars and gyms... Employees at such establishments will have until Oct. 13 to become fully vaccinated."

San Francisco Mayor London Breed: "Many San Francisco businesses are already leading the way by requiring proof of vaccination for their customers because they care about the health of their employees, their customers, and this city. Vaccines are our way out of this pandemic, and our way back to a life where we can be together safely."

Like I said earlier, we live in two different countries now. We should embrace it and move forward-- without them. We'd all be better off... and they'd be happy with their own shitty-- and I mean really shitty-- country anyway.

A little end of the day good news: earlier in the day Amy Coney Barrett, speaking on behalf of the Supreme Court, left intact Indiana University's requirement that students be vaccinated if they want to attend classes. This is in line with what state courts have been ruling everywhere.

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