If Ted Cruz And Lindsey Graham Had A Child And Named it "Craven" Mo Brooks Could Sue

As we indicated a few days ago, Alabama congressman/Senate candidate Mo Brooks is in MAGA-trouble. Trump is angry Brooks is polling a distant third in the GOP primary and he's been loudly threatening to withdraw his endorsement, an endorsement which has turned into another embarrassment for Trump.

Brooks knows exactly how to get Trump back on his side: a full frontal attack on Trump nemesis Mitch McConnell. The pathetic ad, that will never be broadcast anywhere, is up top. Basically, it just another MAGAscam to please Senor Trumpanzee and to get people to sign up for Brooks' e-mail list, so he can sell it for more after he loses and needs money.

Two other far right crackpots have also called for McConnell to be replaced, Alaska kook Kelly Tshibaka, who has already been endorsed by Trump, and Missouri s&m sociopath Eric Greitens, who is close to getting the Trump endorsement but not quite there yet.

YouGov polls for favorability among top political every week. Their most recent survey once again shows McConnell at the bottom of the barrel among registered voters:

  • McConnell- unfavorable- 65%

  • Kamala- unfavorable- 56%

  • Pelosi- unfavorable- 56%

  • Señor Trumpanzee- unfavorable- 53%

  • Biden- unfavorable- 53%

  • Schumer- unfavorable- 48% (18% don't know who he is)

  • McCarthy- unfavorable- 44% (27% don't know who he is)

Worse news for McConnell is that among Republican voters only just 34% have a favorable opinion of him while 50% have an unfavorable opinion. (59% of Trump voters have an unfavorable opinion him.) Still, according to Alex Isenstadt and Natalie Allison, "Despite Trump’s encouragement, anti-McConnell sentiment has not caught on broadly among GOP Senate candidates. And Brooks is releasing the ad at a treacherous moment for his campaign. Trump told the Washington Examiner last week that he was considering pulling his endorsement of Brooks, who has trailed his primary opponents in fundraising. In the interview, Trump ripped Brooks for urging Republicans to move on from questioning the results of the 2020 election. Whether Brooks’ anti-McConnell offensive is enough to keep Trump from dropping his endorsement isn’t clear. During a closed-door fundraiser for Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue at his Mar-a-Lago estate last week, Trump said Brooks 'decided to go woke'-- a reference to Brooks breaking with Trump by saying that the results of the 2020 election can’t be overturned-- and that he was doing “terrible” in the primary, according to an attendee."

One Alabama political leader, who only agreed to speak on condition of absolute anonymity-- and even then, only after I provided references to two other GOP politicians who could attest to my discretion-- told me that Brooks will say or do anything to keep the Trump endorsement. "He knows it's the only thing he has going for him in this race... He can't raise any money... [and] he's burned a lot of bridges here; his support has collapsed in the state... He's the most craven politician I ever met... If Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham had a child and named it "Craven," Mo could sue for infringing on his copyright."

Fascist and insurrectionist Mo Brooks