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If Someone Asks You For Money To Defeat Lauren Boebert, They May Be A Grifter-- Or Bullshitter

Colorado's independent redistricting commission did a real solid for QAnon crackpot Lauren Boebert last year. Her old district was somewhat safe-- Trump beat Biden there 51.6 to 46.1. But Boebert made such an embarrassing spectacle of herself that defeating her looked feasible. The redrawn district, however, makes that much harder-- if not impossible. Several blue areas were given to Joe Neguse-- helping turn his D+22 district into a D+33 district. Meanwhile what was Boebert's R+12 district is now an R+15, which is pretty unassailable even in a great Democratic year, which 2022 is not going to be.

Yesterday Alex Walker joined the crowded, electorally pointless, Democratic race against Boebert with that attention-grabbing, eye-popping-- if disgusting-- video up top. The self-described "gay moderate who believes in small government, personal freedom and human rights" and "a queer engineering nerd," is now one of 9 Democrats running for the nomination, the others being Sol Sandoval, Donald Valdez, Colin Wilhelm, Debby Burnett, Kellie Rhodes, Root Routledge, Adam Frisch and Scott Yates.

Because Boebert is such a lightning rod for disdain and animus, people contribute to candidates running against her even though they have no plausible chance to win. As of the end of 2021, the top Democratic opponent, state Senator Kerry Donovan, who is no longer running, raised $1,901,303. The $1,470,444 she had already spent will certainly help her political career and she still has close to half a million dollars left over. Three other Democrats had raised over a quarter million dollars each: Sol Sandoval ($533,415), Colin Willhelm ($302,017, almost all of which was self-funded) and state Rep. Donald Valdez ($283,377).

Walker, who comes from a Republican family, is new to electoral politics; his website states bluntly "If you’re over bottom-feeding racist morons like Lauren Boebert: welcome." Sound's good, right? Well... there is nothing that would ever get me to vote for a right-wing Democrat like Alex Walker. This is his healthcare page:

What fucking idiot. Now you see why I included that he comes from a Republican family, right? This is his page on his economic agenda:

I'm guessing that if it wasn't for the gay thing, he'd be running as a Republican, which is basically what he is (minus the gay thing). I would also guess the only realistic chance of defeating Boebert in November-- and that is a really slim chance-- is through the Republican primary and rests with conservative state Senator Don Coram, a hemp farmer who announced his campaign last month after his legislative seat was basically obliterated, forcing him to take on fellow Republican Bob Rankin to stay in the legislature. He decided to take on Boebert instead. And good luck to him!

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