I Doubt Barr's Job Is Really In Jeopardy But It Would Be Hilarious If Heidi Stirrup Is Appointed AG

I guess Trump could fire Barr and hand his responsibilities over to Ezra Cohen-Watkin, the Putin operative who already runs almost everything, or Stephen Miller or Miller protégée Heidi Stirrup (more on her below). Roger Stone? There's always Rudy! It would certainly be an acting Attorney General... not even Mitch McConnell could get someone confirmed.

Reports claim the meeting between Trump and Barr at the White House on Tuesday was "intense" and "contentious." It all stems from Barr contradicting Trump's election fraud bullshit, admitting to AP reporter Michael Balsamo that the Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud. "To date," he said, "we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election."

CNN reported that today, when asked by reporters, Trump refused to say whether or not he still has confidence in Barr. "Ask me that in a number of weeks from now. They should be looking at all of this fraud... He hasn't done anything. He hasn't looked (for fraud in the Georgia election)." That seems to indicate that Barr promised Trump he'd find-- or invent-- some fraud for him going forward.

CNN also reported that Señor Trumpanzee was already totally pissed off at Barr "long before the interview but said it only added to his anger. Two White House officials said that while Trump had certainly considered firing Barr, he's being advised against it by several people. Whether he ultimately will is anyone's guess. Trump is still sensitive about firing someone in a capacity like Barr's after the fallout he experienced from firing FBI Director James Comey. Trump has been worried about legal repercussions once he's out of office and firing the attorney general could create more issues for him.

As that story was breaking, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which is controlled by very conservative Republican Party hacks, rejected Trump's request that they revoke certification of his loss.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters Patrick Marley and Molly Beck wrote that "the 4-3 decision left room for Trump to bring a new challenge to the election results, but even some of the dissenting justices signaled they do not support Trump's call for throwing out hundreds of thousands of ballots. The justices in the majority said they would not accept the case he filed directly with them because state law requires election challenges like his to be filed in circuit court. Conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn joined the court's three liberals in refusing to take up the lawsuit. 'We do well as a judicial body to abide by time-tested judicial norms, even-- and maybe especially-- in high-profile cases,' he wrote. 'Following the law governing challenges to election results is no threat to the rule of law.'"

Thursday's ruling came hours after Trump filed a separate lawsuit in federal court seeking to have the Republican-controlled Legislature, instead of voters, decide how to cast Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes. That case remains pending, as do several others, including two filed by Trump allies with the state Supreme Court.
Trump has not made headway with legal challenges in other states. He has been furiously fundraising to bankroll his election challenges in Wisconsin and elsewhere, raising more than $170 million since Election Day, according to the New York Times. Much of that money will go to pay off campaign debt or sustain his future political ambitions rather than his legal fight.
...The court ruled quickly Thursday because time is short.
Tuesday is the "safe harbor" date recognized in federal law by which any challenges to election results are to be resolved. If challenges are not completed by then, there is a higher risk the state's electoral votes won't be counted.
The Electoral College is to meet Dec. 14 and Congress will count its votes on Jan. 6.
...Jim Troupis, Trump's lead attorney in Wisconsin, said he would quickly file new lawsuits.

Meanwhile, that same AP reporter who broke the Barr story on Tuesday, reported today that neo-fascist crackpot Heidi Stirrup, who serves as Stephen Miller's eyes and ears at the Justice Department, has been banned from the building! She was caught pressuring staffers "to give up sensitive information about election fraud and other matters she could relay to the White House."