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Have You Ever Noticed That GOP Child Rapists, Always Seem To Avoid Prison? Take Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz, smiling... Lee Chatfield, slightly less ebullient

Until recently, Lee Chatfield was best known as the former Speaker of Michigan's House of Representatives. He was a high school teacher and coach at Northern Michigan Christian Academy before being elected to the state legislature in 2014, although he was also known as a gun nut who not only tried to sneak a gun onto a plane, but was stupid enough to be carrying an unregistered gun. In any case, he now most famous for something else entirely: serially raping a 15 year old girl while she was a student at the Bible School that his family owned and that he taught in, connected to the Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church. The sexual assaults went on for 12 years, including for years after she married his brother!

While was having sex with the girl, eventually, his sister-in-law, he was vehemently and viciously anti-LGBTQ and a full-on holier-than-thou sociopath... a hard core Family Values hypocrite. He wasn't just cheating on his wife by porking his sister-in-law; he was notorious in Lansing for his frequent visits to strip clubs and massage parlors and he is known to have had multiple affairs while he was speaker and the biggest fundraiser for Republicans in the state legislature. Many of those big donors should expect to now be investigated in terms of what-- and who-- Chatfield supplied them with for all those shady PACs of his that they helped underwrite.

He claims he didn't start screwing his sister-in-law until she was 18 and that the affair was consensual. If she can prove she was under 18, as she claims, when he started assaulting her, he'll likely be going to prison. Which brings us to... Matt Gaetz. Why is he still running around blowing the shofar of sedition rather than rotting in prison? It's taking a really long time. Writing for NBC News, Marc Caputo reported that Gaetz's ex-girlfriend testified today before a federal grand jury investigating him for sex crimes, "a major development that suggests the Department of Justice may be moving closer to indicting him. The ex-girlfriend, whose name is being withheld by NBC News to respect her privacy, has been in talks for months with prosecutors about an immunity deal. Under a possible deal, she would avoid prosecution for obstruction of justice in return for testifying in the investigation into whether Gaetz in 2017 had sex with a 17-year-old female for money and whether months later he and others violated a federal law prohibiting people for paying for prostitutes overseas."

Long-time porker Matt Gaetz lost 70 pounds when Trump told him he was too fat for TV and when Gaetz tried wooing AOC

Legal sources familiar with the case say Gaetz is being investigated for three distinct crimes: sex trafficking the 17-year-old; violating the Mann Act, which prohibits taking women across state lines for prostitution; and obstructing justice.
...The investigation into Gaetz has lasted for more than a year and began when a former friend and ally of his, former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg, was charged with a host of crimes-- from falsely smearing a political rival as being a pedophile to cheating taxpayers in a cryptocurrency scheme to sex-trafficking the same 17-year-old in the Gaetz investigation.
Greenberg has agreed to plead guilty to six of the charges against him and is cooperating with federal investigators, NBC News has previously reported.
He has pleaded guilty to charges of identity theft, stalking, wire fraud, conspiracy to bribe a public official and sex trafficking of a minor.
According to one source familiar with the case, the alleged sex-trafficking victim told investigators at one point that Gaetz had sex with her.
But the investigation into Gaetz was stalled as prosecutors sought the cooperation of Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend, according to those familiar with the case, because her testimony could help fill in crucial aspects of the case.
The ex-girlfriend was in an open relationship with Gaetz in 2017 and 2018 and allegedly discussed other women he was involved with, according to three friends of the former couple. She allegedly went with Gaetz and a number of other young women and friends of the congressman in 2018 on a trip to the Bahamas, a trip that is also under scrutiny, CBS News and Politico previously reported.
After the investigation began, Gaetz spoke with his ex-girlfriend in a three-way call with yet another woman who was cooperating with federal investigators at that point and was secretly recording the call, according to two sources familiar with the case.
It’s on that call that Gaetz is suspected of obstructing justice, which federal prosecutors are investigating, according to law enforcement sources.
After that phone call was first reported in April, Gaetz denied the allegations through a spokesperson.
“Congressman Gaetz pursues justice, he doesn’t obstruct it," the spokesperson said in a statement.
Jansen, the ex-girlfriend’s attorney, has a reputation in Florida legal circles as a master of immunity deals after he secured one for an admitted murderer who ultimately was not charged in return for helping authorities solve the case.

No one talks about Gaetz's various gay scandals any longer. You never hear anyone talking about the ex-lover, Nestor Galban, any longer. What a shame! I used to think the whole thing with him and the under-age girls was to cover up for him and the under-age boys!

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