Guns: A Tyranny Of A Deranged, Paranoid And Energetic Minority

"A Moment Of Silence" by Nancy Ohanian

One way Biden could show how serious he is about eradicating the child sacrifice practiced by the savage GOP/NRA religion would be to follow David Feldman's advice and tell the Pentagon to stop purchasing weapons from companies that sell weapons of war to civilians. He doesn't need Republican acquiescence nor Joe Manchin buy in nor congressional approval for that one. The chances of Biden taking that kind of bold step? About zero. Instead the House is marking up another bill that will die in the Senate and cause thousands of more Americans to continue dying from the uniquely American gun violence epidemic.

The Punchbowl News crew reported this morning that the House Judiciary Committee's "Protecting Our Kids Act" will combine 8 gun-related bill whose intent is "to raise the purchasing age for semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21; ban the import, sale, manufacture, transfer or possession of high-capacity ammunition magazines, although existing magazines are 'grandfathered' in; requires existing bump stocks be registered under the National Firearms Act and bars the manufacture, sale, or possession of new bump stocks for civilian use; amends the definition of 'ghost guns' to require background checks on all sales, as ATF is trying to do through rulemaking; beefs up federal criminal penalties for gun trafficking and 'straw purchases'; and establishes new requirements for storing guns at home-- especially with minors present-- while providing tax credits for storage devices."

Not included in the omnibus will be a ban on assault weapons, though that is exactly what most Americans want to see. Since inclusion won't change the outcome, the idiot Democrats should include it to show the American people they have a friend in one party at least.

Pelosi plans to call votes on the bills-- or on an omnibus bill-- early next week. (I wonder how her pal Cuellar will vote.) Anyway, the bills will pass the House and be filibustered in the Senate. And that will be that 'til the next brutal murder of school children... when the same clown show will be repeated. A dozen or so dead Republican senators might change things... or might not.

The Morning Consult poll for Politico last week asked several questions about guns. Overall, 50% of respondents said limiting gun ownership is more important that protecting Americans right to own guns, the position of 42%. Breaking down peoples' outlooks on the gun debate is interesting. Requiring background checks on all gun sales-- something supported by the GOP/NRA is backed by 88% of Americans and opposed by just 8%. Barring gun purchases by people on the federal no-fly list and federal domestic terrorism lists (also opposed by the GOP/NRA) is supported by 79% of Americans and opposed by just 11%. How about the most important piece of this-- banning the sale of assault weapons? 67% approve and 18% are in line with the GOP/NRA position against it. Banning high-capacity ammo magazines had a similar response-- 69% in favor, 22% against. Here are some other proposals that the GOP/NRA opposes:

  • Preventing sales of all firearms to people who have been reported as dangerous to law enforcement by a mental health provider-- 84% approve, 9% oppose

  • Making private gun sales and sales at gun shows subject to background checks-- 81% approve, 11% oppose

  • Requiring a mandatory waiting period of three days after a gun is purchased before it can be taken home-- 80% approve, 13% oppose

  • Preventing sales of all firearms to people who have been convicted of violent misdemeanors-- 83% approve, 10% oppose

  • Banning firearms from schools and college campuses nationally-- 65% approve, 24% oppose

  • Requiring a person to be 21 in order to purchase a gun-- 80% approve, 14% oppose

Carl Hulse noted on Friday that "The calculation behind Republicans’ steadfast opposition to any new gun regulations... is a fairly simple one for Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota. Asked Wednesday what the reaction would be from voters back home if he were to support any significant form of gun control, the first-term Republican had a straightforward answer: 'Most would probably throw me out of office,' he said. His response helps explain why Republicans have resisted proposals such as the one for universal background checks for gun buyers, despite remarkably broad support from the public for such plans-- support that can reach up to 90 percent nationwide in some cases... Republicans like Cramer understand that they would receive little political reward for joining the push for laws to limit access to guns, including assault-style weapons. But they know for certain that they would be pounded-- and most likely left facing a primary opponent who could cost them their job-- for voting for gun safety laws or even voicing support for them." Country first? LOL!

"Mainstreet America" by Nancy Ohanian