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GOP Failed To Override Biden's Veto In The Student Debt Program-- Despite Help From 2 Blue Dogs

Bad Dogs-- Golden and Perez

In May, Congressional Republicans passed a resolution to derail Biden’s student debt relief plan. Biden vetoed it. Yesterday Virginia fascist Bob Good offered a resolution to overturn Biden’s veto. A two-thirds vote would be needed to do that and that was never going to happen. Instead, it became just another messaging vote. Every single Republican voted to override the veto and all but two Democrats voted to uphold the veto. So it failed 221-206.

It may have been surprising to some that the so-called “moderate” Republicans— better styled, “mainstream conservatives”— all voted against debt relief. No Brian Fitzpatrick, Don Bacon, Lori Chavez-DeRemer, Mike Lawler, Michelle Steel, David Valadao breaking with the hard right extremists on this one.

And it may have been surprising to others that two Democraps— reactionary Blue Dog leaders Jared Golden of Maine and Maria Gluesenkamp Perez of Washington— crossed the aisle to vote against Biden’s modest student loans debt relief program. Both have earned primaries but they’re in the Democratic Party— not the GOP— and there will be no serious primary challenge to either. And both have among the worst voting records of any Democrat in the House. We’re looking at the future Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both off whom also voted to override Biden’s veto in the Senate.

It’s also worth noting that Perez’s wealthy parents sent her to Reed College, one of the most elite and expensive colleges onto West Coast.

Instead, Republicans are once again talking about undermining Social Security and Medicare. The Republican Study Committee has a new budget proposal that includes raising the age of retirement for Social Security eligibility to 69 and trying to push seniors into private insurance plans instead of Medicare.

Tomorrow corrupt reactionary Republicans on the Supreme Court are expected to shit-can the program anyway in two cases they took up, Biden vs Nebraska (6 red states challenging the White House’s right to write-off student debt) and Department of Education v Brown. They released 4 rulings today but the one against student debtors will likely be so controversial that the justices want to save it for the very end so they can escape Washington for their summer vacations on billionaires' private jets immediately after the announcement.

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