Fox Isn't Going To Help Democrats Win-- Progressives Can Win Without Them, Even In Texas

Starting yesterday that Meidas Touch ad above was about to bring $184,854 in revenues to Fox News. But then Fox decided they didn't want to run it and told Meidas Touch to keep their money. Brett Meiselas noted the irony of Fox pushing the GOP propaganda about "cancel culture" on a daily basis. "The fact they want to cancel and censor the voices of law enforcement who bravely guarded the Capitol. It’s the height of hypocrisy, and it’s un-American."

What offended the Fox brass is mostly testimonials from Capitol police officers talking about their own experiences during the failed Trump coup and insurrection on 1/6. Normally when Fox rejects an ad, they recommend edits. This time they just say, no go. The ad has gone viral unsocial media-- more than a million views of Twitter. The ad had been scheduled to run on Fox News Sunday and and then on Fox and Friends all week as well as a couple spots a day in daytime programming before wrapping up on Chris Wallace's show again next weekend.

Grand Prairie voters understood the racist context of ads like this-- and rejected the racist GOP candidate

Over the weekend, progressives celebrated a big victory in Grand Prairie, Texas-- and with no ads on Fox News... or any other television channels. Junior Ezeonu won his uphill grassroots runoff strictly with ground game. In fact, the campaign was heavily supported by the Ground Game Texas PAC which is run by our old friends Mike Siegel and Julie Oliver.

This morning, Mike e-mailed Ground Game Texas' supporters:

He did it! On Saturday, June 5, Junior Ezeonu won his campaign to become a City Councilmember in Grand Prairie, Texas. Through his hard work, and through the support of allies including Ground Game Texas PAC (GGTX PAC), Junior overcame a racist, right-wing campaign and defeated a 12-year Republican incumbent.
The margin of victory was very close: 3903 votes to 3720. 183 votes-- the margin of hustle!
Junior did all this as a 22 year-old Nigerian-American immigrant who had never held elected office before. And in a context where seven of nine City Council members were white and Republican, despite the city being majority Black and Hispanic. Through his victory, Junior became the first African-American man elected to the Grand Prairie City Council in 40 years!

This kind of right-wing scare tactic didn't work either

We will continue to support Junior's work. Here's a summary of what GGTX PAC did in Grand Prairie these last few weeks:
  • We recruited 100 donors to invest a little over $5,000 in the race;

  • We hired five field organizers who collectively made over 1,000 phone calls, knocked over 2,000 doors, and identified over 450 Junior supporters before Election Day;

  • We partnered with local allies Our Revolution North Texas and the Grand Prairie NAACP, and helped recruit the Tarrant County Central Labor Council and Texas Working Families Party to the cause;

  • And through our collective efforts, turnout in the Grand Prairie runoff hit record levels-- the total votes cast were equal to 96% of the general election turnout.

What was a 7-2 Republican advantage on the City Council is now 5-4, after Junior's victory and the victory of Kurt Johnson, another Black city council candidate who benefitted from our collective efforts. With a $75M bond recently passed and other major issues coming to a head in Grand Prairie, Junior and Kurt are in a wonderful position to push for progressive change.

Please consider contributing to the efforts Ground Game Texas is planning for the 2022 midterms by clicking on the Turning Texas Blue 2022 thermometer above. The thermometer is a hot link. As you know, we have a lot of work to do in Texas, and Junior just showed the value of that kind of work. So far Blue America has endorsed two Texans for Congress, Charles Thompson in Houston and Jessica Mason in Dallas. Republicans plan to win control of the House next year. Let's make sure they don't... and let's make sure we bolster progressives and not allow the DCCC to slip in more worthless Democrap Blue Dogs and New Dems.