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Far Right Republicans Devouring Each Other-- Awwwww

Bob Good In Jeopardy?


Don’t we love it when the bad guys try to destroy each other! You can imagine my heart fluttering when I saw this picture on Twitter Monday. Marjorie Traitor Greene vs Bob Goode… that’s like a GOP kaiju film, a kind of Godzilla v Kong: The New EmpireApe Versus Monster or even just Crocodile vs Great White Shark. Marge, who speaks for Trump and never says anything he doesn’t approve, tweeted “Bob Good is an angry, disloyal, MAGA traitor who was caught on camera trashing President Trump and doing everything he could to defeat President Trump. Bob Good is NO GOOD and cannot be trusted.” Well, she's right about that; he's almost as bad as she is. So... Marjorie Traitor Greene has now endorsed neo-Nazi John McGuire against neo-Nazi Bob Good, head of the House Freedom Caucus.

Aside from Traitor Greene, other Republicans working to defeat Bob Good include Morgan Luttrell (TX), Derrick Van Orden (WI), Ryan Zinke (MT) and Austin Scott (GA). Van Orden: “This guy has been throwing bombs around and look at what we’ve accomplished. The answer is nothing.”

And this is even more fabulous since it comes just as a Freedom Caucus big wig, Ralph Norman, takes aim at another incumbent Republican conservative, fellow South Carolinian William Timmons. Yesterday, Mica Soellner reported that “Adam Morgan, a state representative who chairs the South Carolina Freedom Caucus, is vying to oust Timmons. Morgan claims Timmons has failed to lead on conservative issues.” It's not so much that Morgan is trying to oust Timmons as it is that Morgan isan ambitious guy looking to advance his own career... and running over Timmons is the best way forward.

Soellner also noted that Norman “encouraged Morgan to run for the seat and endorsed him. Morgan also has close ties to [the fascist group] Conservative Partnership Institute leaders Mark Meadows and Jim DeMint. ‘The stakes couldn’t be higher in our nation and I have a proven strong track record at the state level of fighting and actually winning and getting results, and I want to do that in D.C.’”

The House Freedom Caucus and its radical right allies have been active in recruiting primary candidates in competitive races, including against mainstream GOP incumbents. They have threatened to run extremists against Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)— who told them to go suck eggs— Brian Fitzpatrick  and against Tony Garcia (R-TX) who took a sharp turn towards the right to get them off his back. 

At least one high-profile conservative is going after the HFC.
On Monday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) endorsed John McGuire, who is running against HFC Chair Bob Good (R-VA). Greene was booted from the Freedom Caucus last year and has been a vocal critic of Good. Good called MTG “a fraud” and “a liar” during an appearance on CNN.
For his part, an angry Timmons is firing back at his South Carolina colleague Norman for supporting a primary challenger.
“My record shows that I am a conservative that gets results,” Timmons told us. “Whereas Ralph has admitted to being ‘asleep at the switch,’ during his time in Congress, my focus is on the voters of the Fourth district. Ralph should try focusing on the Fifth.”
Norman responded by suggesting Timmons is weak politically, citing the primary results from 2022.
“William needs to worry about his constituents in the fourth district rather than worrying about me especially since he barely eked out a victory with only 52.7% in his 2022 primary against relatively unknown opponents,” Norman said.
Timmons has key support among leading House Republicans, including Speaker Mike Johnson and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), who called him a conservative fighter.
The Trump factor: Timmons just appeared with former President Donald Trump at a New Hampshire rally alongside other South Carolina Republicans.
Timmons’ campaign Instagram page has recently exploded with photos of the congressman and Trump. It also links to a website seeking to expose Morgan as being a “Never Trumper.”
Morgan endorsed Trump on Monday. Trump endorsed Timmons last cycle.
We’ll also point out that Norman is still supporting former South Carolina GOP Gov. Nikki Haley, for what it’s worth. He’s the sole member of the Palmetto State’s delegation not to back Trump.


Jan 25

There is a common theme here. When awful gets replaced by horrible... we're all worse off.

The nazis aren't "fixing" themselves. They're going from Wehrmacht to SS. (that meant camps, "showers" and ovens, back in the day).

And what are YOU doing about it... or anything? a rustier anvil and a pussier party that hasn't done shit in 56 years. so... nothing at all.


No wonder these characters don't get anything done! Or maybe we should just be thankful.

Jan 25
Replying to

wait until the reich commences. they'll get plenty done then. reread Shirer if you need to be reminded.

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