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Even Republican Loyalists-- In Florida Of All Places!-- Are Getting Fed Up With Trump's Psychosis

This morning, writing for Politico, Tara Palmeri reported that Señor Trumpanzee has further soured on his former protege, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, not because DeSantis is America's worst governor, but because he isn't felating Trump in the exact way Trump insists all Republican politicians felate him. Trump hasn't started calling him a RINO (or DeathSantis) yet; but that will come soon enough. Trump crony Roger Stone has been threatening to run as a Libertarian in the gubernatorial election to toss the race to Charlie Crist if DeSantis doesn't conduct a 2020 vote audit, which is weird since Trump officially won the state and an audit is more likely to show that he actually lost than anything else.

But Palmeri wrote that "Trump has been complaining to members and guests at Mar-a-Lago that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis still hasn’t joined the other 2024 hopefuls in pronouncing that he won’t run for president if Trump runs. One guest suspects that Trump’s gripes are so frequent because he is planting them in hopes that they’ll get back to DeSantis. Trump has told his advisers that DeSantis privately assured him that he won’t run if Trump does, but that’s not enough for the former president-- he wants DeSantis to say it in public... Trump has made it known that he didn’t appreciate that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows traveled to Beverly Hills for a DeSantis fundraiser in June (also in attendance: Trump pal and casino magnate Steve Wynn and former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin) and then went on to Orange County, where he introduced DeSantis to other deep-pocketed donors."

DeSantis is probably smart to ignore Trump and let him sit ranting and raving in his country club. Some Republican politicians just can't be that passive though. The Supervisor of Elections in Lake County, Alan Hays-- a dentist, like Paul Gosar-- is a right-wing Republican douchebag, also like Gosar, who once introduced a bill in the Florida legislature to require every student in the state watch crackpot and convicted criminal Dinesh D’Souza’s anti-progressive propaganda film America in class. Trump won Lake County, where The Villages are located, by 59.6%-39.5%. Hays is, in essence, the Village Idiot. Nevertheless, even he was moved to post this at his official Supervisor of Elections website regarding the Trump sore winner audit demands:

From the Desk of Alan Hays: A Rebuttal-- Tuesday, November 2, 2021
In response to “Call for Forensic Audit of Florida’s 2020 Election”
I am honored to serve the fine people of Lake County as your Supervisor of Elections! Each of you deserve to know the TRUTH about what is going on in your Supervisor of Elections office!! It is in that spirit, that I offer to you the following facts.
There are several groups here in Lake County spreading false information about the 2020 election. Again, you deserve to know the truth!!
As an election professional, I find it disturbing that some of our citizenry continue to promote a narrative that is unsubstantiated in fact or example. It begins with the unrelenting desire to believe that an election was “stolen” and that “the vast majority of us witnessed (this) on election night 2020.”
The unwillingness to accept the loss of an election that was run in Lake County and in Florida with the utmost integrity and dedication to fairness, appears to permeate local Republican party leadership. This obsession with lies has resulted in the development and passage, at the local level, of various resolutions whose ultimate effect is the undermining of the elections process specifically here in Lake County. Leaders of the local Republican Executive Committee have made blatantly false statements about the 2020 election in Lake County, but not one person has offered the first bit of evidence nor has anyone given me any names of alleged violators of our election laws. It is time for those who are making the accusations, to either PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!
These people are alleging that I oppose doing a forensic audit. That statement is FALSE!! My stance is not based on personal feelings, but upon my understanding of the election laws, my staff and election workers, as well and my knowledge of the equipment that is utilized in our Lake County elections. I know how the equipment works, I know that 100% of our tabulation equipment is tested, as required by Florida law, before and after the election. I know we are 100% in compliance with every section of the Florida Election Code and every rule of the Division of Elections. I know my staff is well trained, experienced, and dedicated to conducting elections in accordance with the law. Finally, I have confidence in the nearly 1000 election workers that are specifically trained for each election and perform their duties with a high degree of professionalism. If a “forensic audit” is ordered by the governor or appellate court, I will gladly lead my staff in its performance.
To make claims that the “entire election system is fraught with flaws” without backing up these claims with facts, is tantamount to saying, “My candidate lost because of a flawed system regardless of the election outcome.” There continues to be a reliance on unproven algorithms and analysis that has been the basis of these “stolen” election claims, yet no one has provided any names of fraudulent voters, fraudulent ballot tabulation or anything related to the same. If there were such proof, I would immediately direct that information to be brought not only to my attention, but to local law enforcement. This has not occurred. If it hasn’t occurred, then why not? Why has no one provided names of fraudulent voters and challenged them in court? Why has this whole narrative continued without the performance of some due diligence before wild accusations are thrown about?
My office and I have a proven record of pursuing with vigor, every violation of the election law brought to our attention. I stand ready to look into any substantiated fact of voter fraud. BRING ME THE EVIDENCE!!
If those who are undermining the public confidence think there are laws that should be revised or implemented, they should be taking their case to the state legislators. Until then, my advice to the Republican Executive Committee Chairman, his people, and everyone else guilty of undermining public confidence, is for them to work on enhancing the belief in our electoral system rather than systematically undermining the confidence and public good that has been for so long the framework for our elections.
Fellow Lake Countians, I am very proud of the administration of the 2020 election in Lake County. You too have every right to be proud of our entire election team!! I will not ever sit idly by and allow lies to be told about my office and the fine men and women of integrity who work so faithfully, to administer the elections for you, the fine people of Lake County.



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