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Does Anyone Really Care That Much What's In Kevin McCarthy's Future? K Street Eventually, No Doubt

The last thing Kevin McCarthy did as Squeaker of the House was to appoint Patrick McHenry, a bizarre and corrupt closet case, as interim speaker— and then ask him to evict Nancy Pelosi from an office he wanted for himself. Now there are 2 very contradictory rumors going on about McCarthy. One is that he’s hoping for a deadlock for his old job that lasts long enough and makes the House Republicans look ridiculous enough that they ask him to come back on as speaker.

Hakeem Jeffries may have even stoked that theory with his Washington Post OpEd yesterday, A bipartisan coalition is the way forward for the House. He wrote that he had “repeatedly raised the issue of entering into a bipartisan governing coalition with our Republican counterparts, publicly as well as privately. It was my sincere hope that House Democrats and more traditional Republicans would be able to reach an enlightened arrangement to end the chaos in the House, allowing us to work together to make life better for everyday Americans while protecting our national security. Regrettably, at every turn, House Republicans have categorically rejected making changes to the rules designed to accomplish two objectives: encourage bipartisan governance and undermine the ability of extremists to hold Congress hostage… [T]he rules of the House should reflect the inescapable reality that Republicans are reliant on Democratic support to do the basic work of governing. A small band of extremists should not be capable of obstructing that cooperation… Traditional Republicans need to break with the MAGA extremism that has poisoned the House of Representatives since the violent insurrection on Jan. 6 and it’s aftermath.”

The second theory, reported by Olivia Beavers, is that McCarthy is thinking about resigning from Congress and going home, either triggering a special election or leaving his 793,325 constituents in Kern, Tulare, Kings, and Fresno counties without representation in Congress.

McCarthy quickly denied the rumor he’s going to retire.

“No, I am not resigning,” he told reporters.
“We are going to keep the majority. I am going to help the people I got here, and we are going to expand it further.”
Earlier Friday, multiple sources familiar with McCarthy’s thinking told CNN that he was expected to step down at some point after the House speaker’s election. And sources said McCarthy has been seriously considering the move.
Pressed on whether he has considered stepping down early, he said, “I look at it every time I have to decide whether I am going to run for reelection or not.”
After the House voted to oust McCarthy, the California Republican did not say whether he would remain in Congress. “I’ll look at that,” he said when asked at a press conference following the vote.

And then late yesterday, McCarthy— who lost the speakership because most members of Congress don’t trust him to tell the truth— announced that he plans to run for Congress again in 2024. Were McCarthy to announce he is resigning or retiring after the current term, the first thing that would happen is that he donors would stop contributing, the last thing in the world he wants. I have no way of knowing what he's going to do but I'm sure he's keeping his options open.


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09 окт. 2023 г.

Not really relevant. nazi k was a data point on our steeply sloped slide into naziism. his future will be all of our futures -- as subjects of fuhrer trump (or someone worse) in a nazi reich.

nobody has DONE shit to prevent it. And, in fact, your own useless attempts to elect democraps will only serve to lube the ramp.

presidents, $peakers and lead $enate whores have only gotten worser for 55 years also. And what do they all have in commn? Dumber than shit voters on both stripes of the spectrum (there can only be 2. I think it was Einstein who proved that!!!) keep electing them.

To the 155 million (from 2020) I say... keep up the…

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