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DeSantis' Overt Racism Can't Even Be Abided By Republican-Appointed Judges

On Thursday, state Judge J. Lee Marsh, a Rick Scott appointee, “signaled skepticism” that the congressional maps that DeSantis shoved up the legislature’s ass last year are constitutional and indicted he may have to toss them. Tampa Bay Times reporter Andrew Pantazi wrote that “Lawyers for the governor and the GOP-controlled Legislature conceded that their congressional map reduced Black voting power, but they argued that the alternative— a Jacksonville-to-Gadsden County district that protects Black voters’ electoral influence— would violate the U.S. Constitution.” That isn’t true.

I spoke with former Orlando Congressman Alan Grayson, who is working to unseat Rick Scott in the U.S. Senate, and he scoffed at the DeSantis argument. “It has simply been another way for DeSantis to assert dictatorial powers. The Jacksonville-centered African-American Congressional seat was established 30 years ago. DeSantis thought that he could steal it for the GOP, and he did.”

Marsh gave attorneys until next Wednesday to submit legal arguments to show why the map doesn’t violate the Fair Districts amendment to the constitution that passed in 2010 over strenuous opposition by Rick Scott, then governor, and the Republican Party.

Florida political observers agree that DeSantis’ map is the most racist gerrymander Florida has seen in decades. reported that “Marsh recoiled at the argument that Florida could not comply with the non-diminishment standards without violating the U.S. Constitution. He noted the Florida Supreme Court had ruled nearly a decade ago that the state must comply with the Fair Districts amendment, and no one argued then that doing so would violate the U.S. Constitution. He also voiced frustration that so much of the state’s defense of the existing map involved questioning the validity of one in place for half a decade. ‘You’re saying the Florida Supreme Court violated the U.S. Constitution in doing what it did,’ he said. ‘I’m not going there. I don’t think I have the power to say the Florida Supreme Court got it wrong. That’s their business.’”

Back at the Tampa Bay Times, Pantazi reported that “Marsh suggested he could just strike down DeSantis’ map and leave it up to the Legislature to decide how it will draw a new map that complies with both the Florida and U.S. constitutions,” clearly indicating that the villain in this whole racist mess is none other than Ron Jim Crow DeSantis, the most racist governor anywhere in America since George Wallace.


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27 ago 2023

Overt Racism got trump elected in 2016. There is more overt racism now than then. Racism will only help one of them. It won't hurt any of them.

Me gusta

26 ago 2023

I couldn't say whether meathead is more racist than any other governor since wallace. There are and have been many. But the only ones on that list are the ones who thought that overt racism (to say nothing of the other fetish hates -- misogyny, homophobia, islamophobia...) was their best path to the white house.

note: To be fair, Wallace may have been thinking his entry would either:

1) help throw the '68 election to nixon, who was also quite racist, to punish his own Democratic party for passage of CRA and VRA by 1966

2) maybe jolt his own (southern) Democratic party (yellow dogs) into returning to their racism roots. remember that they were the party of slavery an…

Me gusta
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