Colorado Redistricting Is Done-- And, Alas, Boebert Didn't Do Badly

Insurrectionist, clown and high school drop out Lauren Boebert-- who was just bragging about how she gave birth to one of her many children on the same truck seat on which the poor child was conceived-- has a primary to face, one she is expected to win handily. Then she'll have to face the winner-- one of 10 candidates as of now, including a state senator, a state rep and a immensely popular community organizer-- of the Democratic primary, where she is expected to have more trouble, even though the new district lines, approved yesterday, are even more favorable to a Republican than to a Democrat than they were last year.

Boebert, hopeful of avoiding expulsion-- and possibly even treason charges with whatever that comes with-- has denied conspiring with the planners of the 1/6 Trump coup. Not everyone in her western Colorado district is buying her denial. Yesterday, the Durango Herald's Kelsey Carolan took a quick look at how news coverage is impacting the election in the sprawling and diverse 3rd district.

Of all the QAnon incumbents, Boebert will be most vulnerable next year. Her district has a more swingy profile and a PVI of R+6 (which will rise to an R+9 PVI now). Trump won the district but with just 51.6% of the vote. Boebert ran against a less than intrepid candidate and did almost exactly the same as Trump-- 51.4%. The district is made of of all or part of 29 counties, but most of the voters live in just half a dozen-- Mesa (red), Pueblo (swingy), La Plata (blue) and Garfield (swingy), Montrose (red) and Eagle (blue).

If Democrats are disappointed that CO-03 is redder now, there is a brand new compact district-- CO-08-- north of Denver and east of Boulder that has a slight Democratic advantage (probably D+1). The district would have voted for Trump over Hillary in 2016, albeit by less than 2 points, and for Hickenlooper over GOP incumbent Cory Gardner last year, by the same 1.7 point margin.

The Colorado Sun's report noted that the 8th "will include the north Denver suburbs of Thornton, Commerce City, Brighton and Northglenn, as well as most of Westminster and all of Greeley. Democratic state Rep. Yadira Caraveo, of Thornton, and Democratic Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco have already announced bids for the seat, but the competitive nature of the district is sure to entice Republican challengers." So far there are 2 non-viable California Republicans running, crackpot wedding photographer Jewels Gray and bank teller Ryan Gonzales (who ran, briefly, last year in the GOP primary, and doesn't sound especially Trumpoid but is very conservative).