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Boebert Comedy Act Fails Again

-by Noah

Get the hook!!!

Oh man! The comedy stylings of Repugs! Why do they even try? I've seen open mic nights at comedy clubs here in NYC where the likes of Lauren Boebert would be escorted off stage and told to never ever show her mug in the place again. The after hours ones are the best. She would "get no respect" and, in her case, she would be lucky to not end up in the dumpster at the curb outside.

Alas, not everyone gets what they deserve but when Colorado's latest gift to Kevin McCarthy's personal cesspool, Lauren Boebert, pathetically attempted to make a Santa vaccine joke via twitter (See Above), it fell flatter than a read of her brain waves. Not only that, but she had plagiarized an almost word for word tweet from one of her favorite colleagues, Gym Shower Jordan aka the pedo's best friend. Did you find the Jordan quote in your husband's copy of "This Week In Pedophilia" magazine? You get a big fat zero for originality, Lauren. Hint, get some professional writers, Lauren! Anyone on your staff have a keen sense of humor and know how to write? Hmmm. Probably a no on both counts.

Anyway, the reaction to Boebert was swift. Below are a few of my favorite twitter responses:

1. Sam Litzinger @SamLitzinger:

Lauren's trying hard to win "Stupidest Tweet of the Year" before 2021 ends.

2. Mr. Warren Hayes @MrWarrenHayes:

Geez Louise, I'm suddenly worried if Rudolph and Prancer and Blitzen are sick and can't get treatment because Ivermectin supplies are low.

3. Henry The Fabulous @COHeauxmo:

This is where we are, folks.

4. Robert Broder @rkbroder:

Folks, this is what you're paying $174k year for.

5. Tanya Rupa @ScifiSpirit:

Lady, Santa is a socialist. Of course he's vaccinated.

6. Jeremy Christmas @jayinlincoln:

I wish I didn't have to ask but, she knows he's not *real* right?

I'd just like to add the obvious point that if Santa ever actually wanted to visit the Boebert house, he'd probably be shot by one of her kids.

Merry Christmas, and remember, there's nothing funny about being a Republican.


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