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Big State Senate Race In NYC Tomorrow— Crowley Clan Looking For Re-Entry Into Lucrative Politics

After AOC knocked off Joe “the next Speaker” Crowley in 2018 and Elizabeth Crowley lost reelection to the city council and was subsequently defeated in a run for Queens Borough President, we thought we might never hear from the vile and corrupt Crowleys again. Joe is now a lobbyist for the real estate industry and unlikely to be in the news much. But his cousin, Elizabeth, decided to run for office again— this time for a newly created, open state Senate seat, SD-59 which spans parts of 3 boroughs and includes areas of Astoria, Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Murray Hill, Kips Bay and Stuyvesant Town. Needless to say, the most corrupt NYC politico currently in Congress, Gregory Meeks, boss of the Queens Democratic Machine, is backing Crowley.

Joe is helping cuz raise sewer money and enlisting the help of all the most slime-ball players in NY politics, like Alfonse D’Amato, H. Dale Hemmerdinger, James Pi and Bradley Tusk, to help her "crush the socialists." Sounds kind of Republican? Most of the money in Crowley's campaign is coming from Republicans, even though she pretends she's a Democrat. So far over $2.5 million has been spent independently on her behalf, primarily by Republicans and special interests looking for a money-grubbing patsy like Elizabeth in Albany. Her opponent is Kristin Gonzalez, from the Democratic Socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Gonzalez said that the special interests funding Crowley’s campaign “are already buying her out. That’s an indicator of who she’ll be accountable to, of what interests will influence her when in Albany. It’s contrary to what the communities of Senate District 59, which are working class, deserve.”

AOC has endorsed Gonzalez. Last week Nomiki Kunst, the other progressive in the race, withdrew from the race and endorsed Gonzalez. There is another conservative candidate in the race, Mike Corbett, who is eating into Crowley’s base.

Meanwhile, slimy Republican billionaire, John Catsimatidis, owner, president, chairman, and CEO of Gristedes Foods and a top Trump supporter, has spent over a million dollars of his own smearing Gonzalez and bolstering Crowley. This is the kind of disingenuous filth Gristedes is flooding the district with today, petrified that all that money he spent trying to rescue Crowley isn't working in a well-educated district like SD-59. Instead people are talking about boycotting Gristedes. These are all much better— and cleaner— grocery stores than Gristedes: Brooklyn Fare, Union Market, Super Foodtown, Fairway Market, Westside Market, Morton Williams, Trader Joe’s, Food Bazaar, D’Agostino, Citarella, H Mart, Zingone Brothers, Titan Foods, Food Cellar, Amish Market, 4th Street Food Coop, Stop & Shop, even Whole Foods.

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