• Noah

Being Black In America: Things White Folks Just Don't Have To Think About

-by Noah

I've come across what you see below at a couple of online progressive sites. It amounts to a well put together list of white on black murders and assaults of various kinds, committed mostly but not solely by police, upon African-American citizens who were just trying to go about having a normal day, the kind of day that Causcaians take for granted. I haven't been able to find out who wrote it or I would be sure to let you know because what the writer has to say is important. Still, I think it is so well done that it needs as wide an audience as any of us can give it and I'm sure the writer won't mind. Please read it and take it in.

I need to drive my two-year old to daycare tomorrow morning. To ensure we arrive alive, we won't take public transit (Oscar Grant). I removed all air fresheners from the vehicle and double checked my registration status (Duante Wright), and ensured my license plates were visible (Lt. Caron Nazario). I will be careful to follow all traffic rules (Philandro Castille), signal every turn (Sandra Bland), keep the radio volume low (Jordan Davis), and won't stop at a fast food chain for a meal (Rayshard Brooks). I'm Too afraid to pray (Rev. Clementa C. Pickney) so I just hope the car won't break down (Cory Jones).
When My wife picks him up at the end of the day, I'll remind her not to dance (Elijah McClain), stop to play in a park (Tamir Rice), patronize the local convenience store for snacks (Trayvon Martin), or walk around the neighborhood (Mike Brown). Once they are home, we won't stand in our backyard (Stephon Clark), eat ice cream on the couch (Botham Jean), or play video games (Atatiana Jefferson).
After my wife and I tuck him into bed around 7:30, neither of us will leave the house to go to Walmart (John Crawford) or to the gym (Tyshyrand Oates or on a jog (Ahmaud Arbery). We won't even walk to see the birds (Christian Cooper). We'll just sit and try not to breathe (George Floyd) and not to sleep (Breonna Taylor).
These are things white people simply do not have to think about.

Sadly, we won't have to wait long for the fresh names that will inevitably explode into the national consciousness. This is how it is in the United States of America in 2021.