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Asheville Gets To Kiss Ignorant Insurrectionist, Lying Nazi Twerp Madison Cawthorn Good Riddance?

It would be hard to find anyone normal in Congress who would disagree that Madison Cawthorn, insurrectionist Nazi worm, is one of Congress' most unsavory characters. NC-11, made a terrible mistake electing him and the R+9 district that elected him-- which includes the politically enlightened bastion of Asheville-- seemed to have many voters and activists ready to fight hard to correct the grievous mistake made next year. North Carolina's Republican legislature just very seriously-- and very politically-- redrew the state's congressional district boundaries in an epic gerrymander and NC-11 is now NC-14. But Cawthorn announced yesterday that he is switching to NC-13, a district without a spark of enlightenment and a place tailor-made for a fascist pile of shit like himself. Yesterday, he boasted to the county chairs of his old district that Trump will support his move, probably derailing Tim Moore's carefully planned-out career trajectory. (Moore's power in the legislature and the new boundaries creating NC-13 are no coincidence. As Robert Burns said, The best laid plans of mice and men...)

Reporting for the Carolina Journal, Dallas Woodhouse wrote that Cawthorn's pollster Ryan Burrell (of Tennessee-based Spry Strategies), had conducted a poll in the new 13th-- east of Cawthorn's current district (and containing part of Mecklenburg County, all of Gaston, Polk, Rutherford, McDowell and Burke counties and, importantly, "Cleveland County, the home of North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore, who is expected to try and jump from the state House to the U.S... House, running in the 13th... Sources indicate the poll tested name identification, approval, and performed a head-to-head ballot test of the two candidates. The results have not been released."

Both Cawthorn’s current district, which is the new NC-14 and the neighboring NC-13, are solid Republican Districts but the 13th is a little more Republican. While both are expected to elect a Republican in 2022, some analysts believe Democrats can make the 14th competitive later in the decade due to population changes.

Why would Cawthorn give up his blood-red base in Henderson County (part of the new 14th), which is where he lives? Henderson is one of North Carolina's backward hellholes, where Trump won with 58.55% of the vote-- almost 10 points better than he did statewide-- and is just 52% vaccinated. But, as Woodhouse pointed out "representing the 13th would expand his reach out of the Asheville television market into the Charlotte market, which could further build his name identification for a possible future run for statewide office." Remember, the shitty little Nazi plans to be president (of the United States, or whatever is left of it) one day.

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Nov 11, 2021

1) a nazi shithole like NC will find a place for this guy somehow.

2) and even if NC does not... right away... there's always 2024.

3) and even if all that doesn't happen, when der fuhrer is taking applications for the Reinhard Heydrich job, he'll be available. He'd be happier doing that job anyway.

4) and if trump dies... he's in line for fuhrer.

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