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Are Reporters Asking Republican Candidates If They Will Vote To Repeal ObamaCare?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Since Republicans already tried repealing ObamaCare 100 times and lost each time, it seems like a stupid question to ask but, apparently, not in Wisconsin. Most Republicans want to steer clear of talking about the issue leading up to the election. But not Wisconsin crank Ron Johnson, who married into his immense wealth and has spent almost 12 years voting against the interests of working families every time he got the opportunity to.

This afternoon, Amy Wang reported that Johnson "said he wants to see the GOP repeal the Affordable Care Act if his party wins the White House and the House and Senate majorities again in 2024, a move that would resurrect a fight that Republicans had waged for nearly a decade, then largely abandoned in 2018... 'For example, if we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare-- I still think we need to fix our health care system-- we need to have the plan ahead of time so that once we get in office, we can implement it immediately, not knock around like we did last time and fail.'"

It doesn't sound like anything his colleagues want to talk about-- at least not publicly. Even crackpot Rick Scott, who released a long and embarrassing Republican wish-list-- featuring lessening the tax burden on the wealthy by increasing it on the poorest families-- didn't include repealing ObamaCare. And look at that ad from Dr. Oz above, the Trumpist sociopath running in Pennsylvania. No mention of repealing ObamaCare. Maybe, Johnson's espousal today will force the issue.

It's certainly something that his most progressive opponent for the Senate seat, Outagamie County Executive and former Wisconsin Assembly majority leader Tom Nelson is happy to discuss. "Billionaire son-in-law Ron Johnson," said Nelson today, "is running out of ways to be out-of-touch. Whether it’s supporting the regressive Rick Scott scot-free plan to raise taxes on 50 percent of Americans while allowing corporations and Wall Street to avoid paying their fair share, or another zombie attempt to kill Obamacare, he’s showing a dangerous and total lack of human empathy. And Johnson is doing this all while spouting quack Covid theories and profiting from a corrupt economic system that lets millionaires like him double their wealth while serving in the Senate."

Blue America has endorsed Nelson and if you'd like to contribute to his campaign, you can click on this link or you can click on the 2022 Blue America Senate thermometer above. Nelson added that "Johnson’s latest ideological salvoes show why it’s important that Democrats nominate a candidate who can draw the simplest contrast. And everyone knows MY plans for healthcare and taxes:

"Tax the rich. Provide Medicare for ALL."

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