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Alan Grayson-- Another Valuable Lesson On How To Make An Effective E-mail Appeal

Grayson was one of the OG online fundraisers, the first in the House to raise most of his campaign funds from grassroots and online contributors rather than from special interests and PACs. He's running a very up-hill battle for Marco Rubio's Senate seat. The DSCC and the NRSC see eye-to-eye on this one. Schumer and the DSCC have their next tabula rasa Manchin/Sinema-type lined up and the NRSC is frothing at the mouth to run against another meaningless centrist who without any accomplishments and with nothing to offer Floridians. Grayson needs to beat her in the primary and then engage Rubio is an epic-- if a little one-sided-- contest of ideas, the kinds races Grayson tends to win.

He began his e-mail today-- and yes, he writes his own e-mails, rather than have a professional consulting firm to do them-- like this: "Hey, I’m a right-handed Joni Mitchell fan, and the descendent of Lithuanians and Poles! I’m somewhat overweight, and my hair is turning gray! Vote for me!"

I support Medicare for All. The right to choose; no if, ands or buts. Taxing wealth, not work. Free public college. Increasing Social Security, for the first time in 40+ years. Extending Medicare to cover eyes, ears and teeth. Taxing pollution, including carbon pollution, to fight climate catastrophes. Refinancing all student debt. Citizenship for immigrants who were brought here as children, often decades ago. Banning assault rifles, and all weapons of mass destruction.
If YOU support what I support, then YOU should support this campaign. How else do you think that progress happens? Donate to our campaign-- every dollar counts, because every human being counts. I’m going to try one more time-- here’s another good reason.
When I was in Congress, I passed more laws than any other Member. 121 laws in my last four years alone. When the Republicans were in charge. And every one of these laws was proudly progressive.
In other words, I’m an aggressive progressive. I get good things done.
Now, admittedly, I’m not left-handed, nor do I care much for Neil Diamond’s music, and there are no Frenchmen residing in the family tree house. Also, I probably should lose some weight.
Nevertheless, I want to get good things done. And with YOUR support, I can, and I will.

Blue America agrees-- and not just about Joni Mitchell and Neil Diamond-- and that's why we endorsed Alan and why we're urging anyone who would like a more progressive Senate to forget Schumer's bullshit and help Alan win this race and replace Rubio. Two things I feel confident in guaranteeing you: Schumer's candidate will never beat Rubio, not in a billion years; and if Grayson doers get in the Congress, he will get things done for us... just like he did when he was in the House.

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Dec 21, 2021

Read the list of what he supports.

then put "the democrap party" instead of the "I".

NOW do you see the problem? his party is actively against all of those things except MAYBE citizenship for the DREAMERS.

What should also be deafening in its absence is his lack of mention of voting rights... which his party also does not support.

and saying that he raises his money from small grass-roots donors is laudable.

however, his own party will spend multiples (all from megacorps and billionaires) of whatever he can raise to defeat him... again... just like the last time... and the time before that.

he may claim that he passed a lot of "laws", which may be true.

Every democrap…

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