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A Solid 3rd Party Sounds Like A Great Idea-- But The Serve America Movement Doesn't Fit The Bill

Charles Wall, a super-rich retired Philip Morris/Altria executive contributes a lot of money to politicians-- Republicans and Democrats. But the Democrats are generally conservative Democrats, never progressives. Thousands to candidates from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party like Mark Kelly (AZ), Barbara Bollier (KS), Cal Cunningham (NC), Frackenlooper (CO), Doug Jones (AL), Biden (half a mill). He'd be writing checks to right-wing Republicans like Trent Lott (MS), Billy Tauzin (LA), John Cornyn (TX), Eric Cantor (VA), Kelly Loeffler (GA), Rick Lazio (NY) and George Allen (VA) at the same time as to Zell Miller (GA) and Chuck Schumer (NY)... and the Blue Dog PAC.

This morning Axios' Lachlan Markay reported that Wall is bankrolling-- several million dollars worth-- a new centrist party headed by former conservative Republican David Jolly (FL), the Serve America Movement. Markay asserted that it's "gaining steam [while]... banking on the appeal of a non-ideological party." It's basically a Never Trump Republican Party with chapters in Connecticut and New York. Jolly, who was defeated by ex-Republican Blue Dog Charlie Crist, is considering running for governor on the SAM party line in Florida next year. Jolly says SAM will be running candidates in Virginia, Texas, California, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Florida in 2022.

It ran its first candidate in 2018-- former Democratic Party chair and Syracuse mayor, conservative Stephanie Miner, who came in 5th and drew 51,367 votes (0.89%). By the end of last year there were 649 New Yorkers registered as members the party. I recall them endorsing reactionary Michael Tuck for California state superintendent of public instruction in 2018. Tuck, a charter school whore, was defeated by progressive Tony Thurmond.

I also recall them endorsing Kansas reactionary Greg Orman for governor in 2018 and nearly costing Democrat Laura Kelly the election against neo-Nazi Kris Kobach:

  • Laura Kelly- 506,727 (48.0%)

  • Kris Kobach- 453,645 (43.0%)

  • Greg Orman- 68,590 (6.5%)

Orman fits the profile of a typical SAM-backed candidate. He was a life-long Republican who worked for George H.W. Bush's campaign in 1988 and then was a Ross Perot backer in 1992.

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